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UNESCO has classified the Gulf of Porto, the Calanques of Piana, Girolata and the peninsula of Scandola as World Heritage Sites.

Different routes to discover the wonders of the Gulf of Porto

Corsica is renowned for its natural gems and natural reserves and has nothing to envy to the other islands. We offer sea tours on board of one of our small boats, to discover the natural treasures of the Gulf of Porto.

We have designed various routes to give you the opportunity to have a closer look at the treasures of our region: the Calanques of Piana and the caves of Capo Rosso, Natural Reserve of Scandola and the village of Girolata, etc. We also address specific requests for a boat excursion according to your desires and your needs (picnic, snorkelling, swimming…)


Le Pass’Partout

"Unique in Porto,
12-seater speedboats"


Our boats are designed to meet your comfort needs


Small covered boats


On-board toilet


Wide variety of routes


Captains with a perfect knowledge of the sites


Open all year round


Option of organising customised tours


Pets are welcome

Le Pass’Partout

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The Pass'Partout: the little speedboat that will take you to a magical world


On the beautiful island of île de Beauté in the heart of the Gulf of Porto, a UNESCO natural heritage site, you will discover the magnificent Scandola nature reserve, the imposing Capo Rosso and the majestic Calanques de Piana, whose name itself sounds like a call for a trip, a holiday, a change of scene. While some dream of settling down and sailing on the calm and crystal clear waters of this bay, Philippe Tormen, nicknamed l’enfant du pays, is proud to work in this heavenly setting and to share its splendours with visitors. Take a closer look at the Pass'Partout, the speedboat that will take you on a journey to a picturesque world.

Love at first sight that has lasted for more than 20 years

Fascinated by the love for the Gulf of Porto, his native region and one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Philippe Tormen very early on wanted to introduce visitors to the magnificent landscapes of this corner of paradise. He, therefore, began working as a sailor on large boats intended for mass tourism, he quickly progressed up the ladder until he was promoted to captain. But, very quickly, he got tired of this type of impersonal tourism, which does not leave much room for the human touch, and decided to create his own company "Le Pass'Partout". With small boats that can accommodate up to 12 passengers, the local lad can now introduce visitors to his friendly and warm region.

Customized and tailor-made boats to better serve the client

Unique in the Gulf of Porto, the Pass'Partout boats have been designed and tailored to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for clients. These small boats, partly closed, have toilets and a roof allowing the client to stay in the shade or in the sun according to his preference, and to be protected from the wind and the rain. Benefiting from the comfort of large boats and the advantages of a small boat, the Pass'Partout boats have the particularity of being highly manoeuvrable, thus offering the possibility of easily navigating along the caves. This allows you to discover up close, the incomparable beauty and richness of the biodiversity of the Scandola reserve as well as the captivating charm of the Calanques de Piana.

A wide variety of excursions for all tastes

Pass'Partout offers various sea excursions adapted to the needs of its clients. Ranging from one and a half hour to four-hour, the company offers half-day and full-day excursions. The "sunset" and "aperitif" packages offered by Pass'Partout will delight those who love to drink while enjoying the golden red scenery displayed by the last rays of the sun.
In addition, you can, for absolute freedom, rent a Pass'Partout and personalize your sea trip according to your needs and desires: take a photo break, stop for a picnic, swim in the turquoise waters of the bay...
Managed by a team of enthusiasts with a perfect knowledge of the area, the Pass'Partout, recommended by famous guides such as Le Petit Futé, Lonely Planet, Michelin and Le Routard, offers a unique and unparalleled experience for any person visiting Ile de Beauté.

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