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Excursions from 30 €

This is a ’must.’

You will be dazzled by the treasure trove of biodiversity revealed by the Scandola Natural Reserve: a unique geological site in the world. A relaxing break of 30–40 minutes is scheduled in the fishing village of Girolata.

"Being in porto and not visiting Scandola is like being in Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower!"

Duration: 3H (approx)

Opening hours:
9 H-12H
14 H-17H

The essence of the Gulf of Porto

Would a sea trip make your day?
Do not hesitate to embark for a unique visit of the Calanques of Piana and the Capo caves under the fading light.
(Depending on weather conditions, several daily departures are proposed to you, you have the choice between: 11:00/12:45/14:00/15:45/18:00.)

"This is the main stop when visiting our region!!"

Duration: 1H30 (approx)

Opening hours:
12H45-14H, 17H-18H15,

Visit the entire Gulf

Discover the Calanques of Piana, the caves of Capo Rosso, the Scandola Natural Reserve and a 30–40 min break in Girolata.
You’ll know everything there is to know about the Gulf of Porto!

"Seize the oppurtunity to visit everything the sites have to offer, who knows when you'll be back!"

Duration: 4 H (approx)

Opening hours:

Our captains are skilled and contribute to the trip with a variety of rich comments that will transform this moment into an unforgettable one.

The above-mentioned schedules are given as an indication and can be modified at any time according to the weather conditions.

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06 75 99 13 15 / 06 29 47 10 00

Special note for our sunset outings